Marriage Counseling

What is marriage counseling?

If you feel you are stuck or want to have a discussion with a professional to gain some awareness, strengthen and grow then couple counseling can be something to work toward rebuilding and remodeling your relationship with your partner.

marriage counseling

At “Like Minded Therapy” we believe needs are different for every couple thus they should be given the time to process and work through at their own pace.

So, It can last however long you want. Here is the best individual therapy you can visit now!

This is recommended for couples who want a more structured type of counseling and/or have an idea of what they want to focus on. You will be given an research based assessment and based on the results it will give you, it will help you focus on what to discuss during your sessions.

If you are the above couple then it’s recommended to complete atleast 10 sessions of Couple Therapy NYC. It can be done twice a week or once a week till you reach your 10 sessions.

You can take the Prepare-Enrich assessment, which starts with a questionnaire for each partner to take. The results of this assessment show us areas for discussion topics, providing guidance on which to focus during your sessions.

Please note $35.00 per couple for scoring which can be paid when you log into take assessment online with credit card.

*$5 workbook (general) for couples