PREPARE-ENRICH Marriage Preparation Course


Research has shown the act of taking the Prepare-Enrich assessment (which is not a test) improves relationship quality and brings increased awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship.

General Premarital Counseling

What’s the goal of the PREPARE-ENRICH course?

  1. To help couples explore their Relationship Strength and Growth Areas.
  2. To help couples learn and practice communication skills.
  3. To help couples resolve conflicts.
  4. 4. To help couples discuss their relationship and families-of-origin as assessed by the Couple and Family Map.
  5. To help couples better understand their personality similarities and differences.
  6. To help couples identify and cope with major stressors in their lives.
  7. To help couples develop a financial budget and set financial goals.
  8. To help couples develop and share their personal, couple and family goals.

What’s the cost per session?

$300 per 60 minutes session.

*$35.00 per couple for scoring which can be paid when you log into take assessment online with credit card.
*$5 workbook (general) for couples

Payment: Couples can split the cost, each using their own credit card, venmo and/or zelle.

Sessions will be conducted online. You can join the session from the comfort of your home or any other private space.

Initial session: You both will meet your therapist. You talk about what brings you here and what you would like to gain from this course. Your therapist will probe with questions to prepare you for this course and to gain an understanding of your vision for your upcoming marriage. 

The assessment: After the first session, you take an online assessment. The assessment is scientifically reliable and valid. This will be the basis of session discussions and skill building to establish and strengthen your relationship foundation. The inventory will help both of you identify your unique strengths, and differences, furthering your discussions in upcoming sessions.

Follow up sessions: Your therapist will tell you how many sessions might be advised based on assessment. You can complete between 2-6 sessions. You will make your way through all the areas of the assessment. If deeper issues are identified, you can choose if you want to simply finish with the assessment or spend some more time working through these issues.

The online format automatically customizes itself to fit the unique stage of the couple’s relationship based on background questions that will pre-select which scales (sets of questions) related to their situation. The first partner to log in will be the one to answer these questions.

On average, couples attend 4-8 sessions. The length is determined by the results of the assessment, and how thorough you both want to discuss topics.

No, it is for any couple to take at any time during your relationship.

Premarital counseling is the opportunity to discuss deeper issue that you might have been avoiding. You have to option to decide if you want to stick to covering the assessment or spend some time working through the deeper issue.

Yes, absolutely. We will be a resource for you both.

Each session is an hour long. If you wish to combine sessions to reduce the time, you can schedule 2 sessions in one day.

Yes, it’s just you two and therapist.

Yes. You will be provided with a certificate of completion which you can provide to your wedding officiant.